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Sun Insurance

The region around Pezenas is bathed in sunshine – one of the reasons that attracts visitors, in addition to offering a wide range of outdoor activities. Nevertheless, we understand that gloomy weather may adversely affect your stay, so we are offering an option that aims to compensate your disappointment and perhaps contribute to financing your next visit.
In practical terms, we offer you a discount if the sun is not shining!
Here is the “heat map” for sunshine hours in France (2012) Hérault N°34 2618hrs, Normandie N°50 1460hrs, Provence N°13 2800hrs


The town of Lezignan-La-Cèbe enjoys 2 622 hours of sunshine per year compared to an average of 1 961 hours for France. Lezignan-La-Cèbe is ranked 408 out of the 36 000 French towns.

How it works

• The sunshine indicator is provided by the website Météociel Montpellier (

• The reference for the stay is from Sunday to Friday (6 days) .

• Maximum Sunshine hours are based on standard daylight times for each month: January 9.0hrs, February 10.3hrs, March 11.6hrs, April 13.2hrs, May 14.4hrs, then, September 11.6hrs, October 10.2hrs, November 8.9hrs et December 8.4hrs.

• The actual Sunshine during your stay is the sum of daily Sunshine as reported by Météociel for the duration of the stay.

• The Sun Insurance only applies for seasons 3 & 4 of the price list respectively 690€ and 990€ per week.
Bookings are fully paid prior to arrival as per general terms.

• The Insurance scheme is based on a Fixed rate of 400€ and a variable rate based on sunshine hours. The maximum variable rate is 290€ for Season 3 and 590€ for Season 4.

• The formula that defines the cost of the stay is: (400€ ) + Variable Rate x (actual sunshine/maximum sunshine)

Example March 2016

Stay from 12 to 18 March 2016
Full Rate low season=> 690€
Theorical Sunshine => 6×11.75hrs=71hrs
Actual Sunshine => 39.4hrs
Sunshine rate for the stay => 44%
Rate for the stay => 528€ instead of 690€
Returned to guest after the stay => 162€ (To be agreed with owner, Paypal or paiement to a UK account may also be used for breakage deposit and variable part)

Example April 2016

Stay from 16 to 22 Avril 2016
Full Rate average season => 990€
Theorical Sunshine => 6×13.7hrs=82hrs
Actual Sunshine => 42hrs
Sunshine rate for the stay => 51%
Rate for the stay => 701€ instead of 990€
Returned to guest after the stay => 298€