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bric-a-brac and Antiques

BrocantesBetween Spain and Italy, Pézenas-Val d’Hérault is ideal for exchange, a fact well known to the many antique dealers who trade all year alongside the main road. In early May and October, they organise a big sale by the RD 613.
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The historical center

Cente-historiquePezenas has a nice attractive old town, unspoiled by modern development, with narrow streets to explore as well as some grand 17th century houses. Its town centre was one of the first in France to be protected as an historic monument. There are numerous imposing houses from the 16th to 18th centuries including the Hotel Jacques Coeur, the Hotel Carion de Nizas and the Hotel de Lacoste among those to look out for.
There is also a well preserved Jewish ghetto in the town dating from the middle ages.
Guided tours : http://www.ville-pezenas.fr/ai1ec_event/visite-guidee-du-centre-historique-3/?instance_id=2704


Le Théâtre Molière

TheâtreAt hardly 25, young Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, or Molière, began travelling the Languedoc with his Illustre Théâtre troupe, feasting or fasting as opportunity allowed.
Molière went on to become troupe manager and gave up acting tragedy. 1650 was a turning point in their lives; the Languedoc General Estates were held in Pézenas and the Illustre Théâtre was summoned to entertain them, ensuring it a good income for many months. The listed 1804 Italian-style theatre is also being restored. Molière never performed there, but it is still a memorable place. It will reopen after many years of work on it. The history shared by Molière and Pézenas has given rise to another project: the Molière memorial site, the only one apart from the Comédie Française to celebrate Molière and his work.